2 February 2008

A new blog to replace Suara Rakyat:Vox Populi

This is my new blogsite to replace the old one, Suara Rakyat : Vox Populi.

Welcome –and thank you for dropping by. Please also inform other friends who are wondering as to whatever happened to my old blogsite about the existence of this new site. Some have even contacted me to ask about it.

What happened was that some people with nothing better to do had hacked my Gmail account and changed my password to enable them to use it to write to my friends whose email addresses are in the address book.

Many such friends have indeed received hoax emails asking them to send cash immediately to a hotel manager in Nigeria, where I was supposed to be stranded and unable to pay my bills.

I hope none of my friends and readers of my blogs have been duped into sending cash to “rescue” me from that African country with enough problems of its own! I managed, however, to inform friends using another email account – but there were still others whose addresses I had no record of except in the hacked address book.

I am indeed grateful to friends who showed concern over my “plight” and called me or my wife, Rohani, to assure them that I was not in any real trouble in Nigeria!

The real problem that I had, if any, was the fact that I was not able to access my blogs in order to upload new postings. This is because the blogsites can be accessed only through an integrated “Google Account” which uses the same password as my Gmail Account.

As Google seems to need a long time (5 days at least) to investigate and rectify the matter, my blogs just as my Gmail account were rendered useless. This new site therefore is set up to replace the old blogsites which nevertheless can still be accessed to read old and unupdated postings and information.

Now that I have this new site going, I hope I would be able to be actively involved in blogging again after going through that last few weeks of frustration of being a victim of internet crime.

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Prachai said...

Good day Pak Rustam,

Got to your new site from another blogger's site. I thought you had given up writing because the old website had been static for months - a long time in cyberspace!

Keep the ideas coming. Thanks.